30 Ways to Manage Conflict

Dear Friends & Colleagues

Do you think conflict in the workplace will be going down any time soon?  I don’t. With this in mind I wrote Responding to Resistance:  30 Ways to Manage Conflict,  which is now available at  Solution Tree, https://www.solutiontree.com/responding-to-resistance.html.

This book is an accumulation of my forty years of experience working as a school leader, in which I have acquired strategies to manage and leverage points of conflict to increase organizational learning. I have put these strategies together in an easy to reference book that draws from education and business. I am sure you will recognize some of these strategies, but not all of them. The book will expand your repertoire, give you more agility in difficult interactions, and reduce the amount of time in conflict. I offer you the knowledge and skills for dealing more effectively with colleagues, students, parents, and community.

Most of these strategies will work at multiple levels. You will find some that seem easier.  I strongly suggest reading the foundational skills first.  Knowing these will help implement the skills in the remainder of the book. Keep the book handy, as a ready reference when conflict comes your way.

As this book went to press, I found perfect word that makes clear my intentions—inlcusify. Stephanie K. Johnson’s states: “Inclusifying … implies continuous, sustained effort towards helping diverse teams feel engaged, empowered, accepted, and valued.” My hope is that we can leverage our differences of opinion to inclusify, create safe places where we can disagree, and move everyone to a higher level of learning.  This book is my contribution to this call. As my mentor, Angeles Arrien said, “If your business is waking up the dead,  GET UP, TODAY IS WORKDAY.”

Be well on your journey,

Bill Sommers…..

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