Learning Omnivores’ Bill Sommers at Region 13 Coaching Conference

Bill Somers will present “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” on July 20, 2021, at Region 13’s Instructional Coaching Conference. Bill’s presentation will discuss the factors that lead to staff change: focusing on clear goals and follow-up conversation. Key is increasing the talent density of your school or school district.

Bill will be joining 30 other presenters and keynotes including Joellen Killion, Tamisha Williams, Dr. Pedro Noguera, Dr. Catlin Tucker and Diane Sweeney. The two-day event is centered around the Balanced Coaching Framework:

  • Coaching Expertise
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Content Knowledge & Pedagogy
  • Leadership & Facilitation Skill

Bill’s newest book, Creating Talent Density: Accelerating Adult Learning, will be available in August from Rowman & Littlefield.