Emotional Anorexia

Great administrators and teachers are emotionally intelligent and connect with their students and colleagues. They understand that positive relationships are the bedrock of successful schools. This can be emotionally draining, and if we do not replenish regularly, then it can lead to what presenter, Dr. William Sommers, calls “emotional anorexia.”

When educators become emotionally anorexic, they lose their energy and enthusiasm, their ability to maintain meaningful working relationships, and their own self-efficacy and desire to make a difference. When this happens, everyone suffers and morale spirals downward.

Join us to learn why Dr. Sommers says, “Schools full of emotional anorexics look like the zombie apocalypse.” Discover what you can do to build and improve resilience, stamina, hope, and endurance, for yourself as a leader, and for your faculty and staff. During the challenging times of Covid, it is more important than ever to build a repertoire of strategies that you can use to take care and nurture yourself and others.