Find the Invisible Child

Find the Invisible Child I am adding an excerpt from the work of Matt Kaufman at the end of this rule. I don’t know Matt but his words ring true. This article was posted on Susan Cain’s website. Susan wrote the book Quiet (2012), the power of introverts. I highly […]


Ask, ‘How Are the Children?’

New Rule: Ask “HOW ARE THE CHILDREN?’ Thank you to Reverend Patrick T. O’Neill for this story. Skip Olsen and I reprinted this story in our Trainer’s Companion book published by AhaProcess in 2004. We thought it was an important beginning. As the polarization continues over many issues in our […]


Learn from a 5th grade dropout

Learn from a 5th-grade dropout. This rule was inspired by Dr. Rick Rigby’s talk on the Wisest Man He Ever Met, A third-grade dropout. I was really impressed by his talk. View it at The 5th-grade dropout I am referring to is my father. Neither of my parents graduated […]


Create a New Animal School

Create a New Animal School There is an old story about an Animal School which I will include at the end of the new rule. It can be found in a book by Olsen and Sommers called The Trainer’s Companion published by AHAProcess, Inc. and other sources. It is a […]



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