New Rules

Shift Happens
If you don’t adopt New Rules, drop the “f” in Shift!

New Rule: Pull Don’t Push

New Rule: Pull Don’t Push Question: Is it easier to push a wagon from behind with a load or pull a wagon from the front?  Most people I ask say it is easier to pull the wagon from the front with the handle than to push from behind. So, a quote I either saw, heard […]

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Start Fighting Alligators

New Rule:  Start Fighting Alligators What does it take to fight the alligators in the swamp or in life?  The following story was told by Patrick O’Neill (Extraordinary Conversations) in a workshop with Angeles Arrien. This story provides six elements of being efficacious and proactive.  Efficacy is one of the highest predictors in teachers who […]

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New Rule: Stop Pretending We Don’t Know

New Rule:  Stop Pretending We Don’t Know In 1991, Carl Glickman wrote an article called, “Pretending Not to Know What We Already Know.”  As I read this again, in preparation for this rule, it is as true today as it was in 1991.  Good Grief.  It seems to me that most things have become political […]

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New Rule: Be a Peach, not a Coconut

New Rule:  Be a Peach, Not a Coconut William Sommers, PhD There has been a tremendous amount of books and research about leadership.  Theory X, Theory Y, Theory Z and everything in between.  There are kick butt leaders, spiritual leaders, open leaders, clear leaders, etc.  The motivational research by Harlow, Deci, Pink and others indicate […]

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