New Rules

Shift Happens
If you don’t adopt New Rules, drop the “f” in Shift!

Bo Peep Was Wrong

New Rule: Bo Peep Was Wrong – Be a Good Shepherd Instead The Bo Beep style of management has to be eliminated for a more active and energizing form of leadership. Show up and be a presence or find another line of work. Leaders who manage by ‘leave them alone and they will come home’ […]

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When the Horse is Dead, Dismount

New Rule:  When the Horse is Dead, Have Sense Enough to Dismount Years ago I found the following story which I attached to the end of this new rule.  A few years ago a colleague told me about a book If You’re Riding a Horse and It Dies. Get Off. (1999) by Jim Grant and […]

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Be a Wet Baby

New Rule: Be a Wet Baby I tire of hearing people inside and outside of education say, ‘oh so much change, I can’t take any more.’  As the Eagles song title says, “Get Over It.” I am not saying ‘find your inner child and kick its little a##’ (song lyric).  I am saying change is, […]

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New Rule: Pull Don’t Push

New Rule: Pull Don’t Push Question: Is it easier to push a wagon from behind with a load or pull a wagon from the front?  Most people I ask say it is easier to pull the wagon from the front with the handle than to push from behind. So, a quote I either saw, heard […]

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