New Rules

Shift Happens
If you don’t adopt New Rules, drop the “f” in Shift!

New Rule: Choose Your VUCA

New Rule: Choose Your VUCA I first found the term ‘VUCA’ in a book titled, Get There Early (2007), by Bob Johansen. He foreshadowed the changes going on in society. As with all changes, conflict between the old and the new can create tension. Another way to view this is there are many possible positive […]

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Bo Peep Was Wrong

New Rule: Bo Peep Was Wrong – Be a Good Shepherd Instead The Bo Beep style of management has to be eliminated for a more active and energizing form of leadership. Show up and be a presence or find another line of work. Leaders who manage by ‘leave them alone and they will come home’ […]

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When the Horse is Dead, Dismount

New Rule:  When the Horse is Dead, Have Sense Enough to Dismount Years ago I found the following story which I attached to the end of this new rule.  A few years ago a colleague told me about a book If You’re Riding a Horse and It Dies. Get Off. (1999) by Jim Grant and […]

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Be a Wet Baby

New Rule: Be a Wet Baby I tire of hearing people inside and outside of education say, ‘oh so much change, I can’t take any more.’  As the Eagles song title says, “Get Over It.” I am not saying ‘find your inner child and kick its little a##’ (song lyric).  I am saying change is, […]

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