New Rules

Shift Happens
If you don’t adopt New Rules, drop the “f” in Shift!

Give ‘em “L” #3:      3Cs of Learning

New Rule: Give ‘em “L” #3:      3Cs of Learning My premise is, if the culture isn’t right for learning, the school environment will not support people reaching their highest potential.  Yes, there will be pockets of excellence because we have some very talented teachers and non-certified personnel who create the best for kids. […]

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Give ’em “L” – #2: 7Cs of Learning Cultures

New Rule: Give ‘em “L”  #2                          7Cs of Learning Cultures Want to close the GAP?  Want to help create a culture focused more on learning and less on power? Want to enjoy coming to work more often?  LEADERSHIP.  If the leaders aren’t modeling […]

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Give ’em’ “L” #1

New Rule: Give ‘em’ “L”               #1 I will be writing at least three “Give ‘em’ “L” rules.  These thoughts are from my experience, reading literature inside and outside education, and constantly talking to students.  If they trust you, they will tell you the truth. I will be sharing a […]

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Be a Cultural Custodian

New Rule:  Be a Cultural Custodian I often hear that there are not enough teachers.  Bullfeathers.  There are more than enough teachers.  The issue is that many are choosing not to teach.  Hmmm.  Why? Some research I have read indicates that fifty percent of the teachers are leaving the profession in five years.  This dropout […]

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