New Rules

Shift Happens
If you don’t adopt New Rules, drop the “f” in Shift!

New Rule: Be a Peach, not a Coconut

New Rule:  Be a Peach, Not a Coconut William Sommers, PhD There has been a tremendous amount of books and research about leadership.  Theory X, Theory Y, Theory Z and everything in between.  There are kick butt leaders, spiritual leaders, open leaders, clear leaders, etc.  The motivational research by Harlow, Deci, Pink and others indicate […]

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New Rule: Choose Duct Tape or WD-40?

New Rule: Use Duct Tape or WD-40 “There is too much change to deal with” is the expression I hear a lot in schools and district offices.  Bullfeathers.  We love change.  Don’t we want kids and colleagues to learn?  Learning means change. Changing what or how we think and/or act.  Doing something different than before.  […]

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There is NO Substitute for Brains

New Rule:  NO Substitute for Brains “There is no substitute for brains.”  Marney Wamsley As an assistant principal, Marney was my third principal.  My first principal was an ex-Marine Corp colonel. I learned courage, political savvy, and management skills. My second principal was an ex-wrestler from Iowa.  (I, too, was an ex-wrestler from Iowa).  I […]

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Failure IS an Option

We have been around a long time, both over 40 years in education, and worked in many parts of the country. One of us, mostly as a building principal, and the other as former teacher, counselor, and union business agent. We have heard lots of rhetoric about what needs to happen and have seen many […]

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