New Rules

Shift Happens
If you don’t adopt New Rules, drop the “f” in Shift!

Be a Cultural Custodian

New Rule:  Be a Cultural Custodian I often hear that there are not enough teachers.  Bullfeathers.  There are more than enough teachers.  The issue is that many are choosing not to teach.  Hmmm.  Why? Some research I have read indicates that fifty percent of the teachers are leaving the profession in five years.  This dropout […]

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New Rule:  Get a New School Bored

New Rule:  Get a New School Bored When asking students the traditional question, ‘what did you do in school today?’ the usual response is “nothing.” When asking students ‘how was school today, a high percentage say, “boring.”  So, why do we have a school bored?  What can we do to change the school bored? Ted […]

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New Rule: Do it for Oscar

New Rule: Do it for Oscar As I reflect on over forty years in education, “it has always been the kids and staff that gets me out of bed in the morning.” As a building principal, there is nothing more meaningful to me than to see a staff member be successful with kids. AND to […]

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PLCs -NOT Las Vegas

New Rule:  PLCs – NOT Las Vegas Shirley Hord coined the term PLC (Professional Learning Community) and published articles at SEDL. PLCs have been a concept with great power and, from my experience, not practiced very well.  Milbury McLaughlin, Stanford, supported the concept years ago and said PLCs could be the change schools need for […]

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